Nam Pharma Sdn Bhd has a reputation for producing safe, high quality pharmaceuticals for veterinary use. In fact, with our stringent regulations, our veterinary products administered to food-producing animals rank among the safest.

Everyone involved in the agri-food system works hard to produce an exceptionally safe and wholesome supply of food.In the animal health industry, our goal is to ensure that animal-sourced foods are safe – by prudently using pharmaceuticals and ensuring food will be free from harmful residues.

In order to achieve its objectives, we conduct ongoing research projects to identify quality and safety issues. To date, our research projects have exceeded expectations set for the program. One of the specific areas that the program has addressed is the proper injection of animal health products to ensure that the quality and safety of the final meat product is not compromised. The program has eventually allows the Company to venture into biological products dealing with living organisms such as probiotics in order to address the world’s changes in veterinary industry of providing a safer margin in animals pharmaceuticals.

In both pharmaceutical and biological production, animal health companies must comply with a set of standards known worldwide as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which outline the principles and practices that must be followed. They provide specific requirements for overall control of operations and procedures including premises, equipments, personnel, production, quality control, packaging/storage and record-keeping.